2014 Sundance Film Festival – Great Films are Headed to Your Cineplex this summer

It’s that time – time for my recap of the Sundance Film Festival, in Park City, Utah which, having just turned thirty this year, remains the premiere mecca for independent film-making in the U.S. Many of the films I’m citing here will be viewable in your cineplex this summer.

The themes at this year’s Sundance Film Festival seemed to be music – and madness. Sometimes both in one film, as witnessed by the interactions of genius-musician-hidden-inside a large cartoon face mask in Frank, Irish director Lenny Abrahamson’s story of an exceedingly ill-fated band’s attempt to record a new album and perform at a music festival; or the rampaging shooter behind the blissful love songs of Rudderless, a heart-rending story of the power of talent and the love of a father, starring the quite brilliant Billy Cruddup.

But mostly these themes were separate, if large players in the 2014 fest. I had the pleasure of screening 28 films in 6.5 days, consuming Greek yogurt and Boom Chick A Pop’s organic, fat free popcorn, and the occasional spiked hot chocolate as physical sustenance along the way. You might call that crazy, too, but I look at it as Nirvana.
On the madness-only side, the highlight was Kumiko, Treasure Hunter, a beautiful, dream-like film, about a Japanese “office lady,” who discovers an old VHS tape of the Coen Brothers’ classic film Fargo, takes it is as truth, and goes on a search to for the treasure shown buried by Steve Buscemi. Depressed and disheveled, Kumiko’s tragi-comic search is leavened with brilliant supporting performances in Japan and the States, her obsessive plight pulling the viewer along for the ride. Always poetic, sometimes silly, sometimes sad, Kumiko’s quest is entirely believable through the performance of gifted star Rinko Kikuchi. Stunning visuals and a deep and abiding sense of loss, hope, and regret make this a film to seek out.

Another crazy lady of an entirely different stripe attempts to hold horror at bay in the Australian import The Babadook, starring powerhouse actress Essie Davis. She plays Amelia, mother of a seven year old boy, nursing home worker, and keeper of a dark secret – she lost her husband, Oskar (Benjamin Winspear), in a car accident as he was speeding her to hospital to give birth. Her son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), is anathema to her, and the fact that his boyish acting out is often violent and volatile doesn’t exactly make him endearing. But is he right about the monster introduced through an alarming children’s story, The Babadook? Is he inside? Who is mad, mother or child? Jump in your seat scary, this neat, claustrophobic horror flick is intelligent and horrifying, both.

Whether it’s self-defeating madness or mere egotism eating away at Jason Schwartzman in Listen Up Phillip, it’s hard to tell. Voice over narration and sardonic, Woody Allen-ish wit tell the tale of a self-serving novelist who is impossible to live with, interacting with his genius slash narcissist mentor. And PTSD is the name of the game for Catherine Keener’s distressed, close to panicked war correspondent in War Story, wandering the streets of Sicily after she’s held hostage in Libya and a beloved friend killed. The vibrant laugh with them, cry with them comedy The Skeleton Twins also touches on madness, as Bill Hader and Krisin Wiig do a suicidal brother and sister act that’s both laugh out loud hilarious and heartbreaking. The Skeleton Twins ranked high in my festival favorites list. Far less effective was the dysfunctional family – manic mother, killer dad – envisioned in Shailene Woodley starrer White Bird in a Blizzard, whose surrealist images didn’t compensate for a weirdly conventional script.

Back on the music front, Anne Hathaway supports her injured musician brother by meeting and bedding his folk singer idol, in Song One, a slow out of the gate but poignant rumination on the meaning of life, music, love, and creativity. Things get a little bit crazy for depressed but recovering anorexic Eve, played by the delightful Emily Browning, in God Help the Girl. The very definition of quirky, this film is another of my favorites from the festival, an actual musical from Stuart Murdoch, front man of indie folk artists Belle & Sebastian. Yes, people actually sing, and the color pallette here is technicolor pop, and it works. The jubilant sound track can’t help but snap you out of any depression of your own. The winner of this year’s Sundance Festival U.S. Dramatic competition, Whiplash, told the harrowing drama about an aspiring drummer (Miles Teller) encouraged and abused by his professor (J.K. Simmons). Somewhere in this award winner’s genetic mix of music, passion, and anything-for-art is a coming of age story. Music was also present in Hits, an acerbic comedy riff on what lengths people will go to achieve fame, in which Katelyn (Meredith Hagner) seeks musical fame despite a lack of discernable talent, while her father gains unasked for fame by taking on his small New York town’s city council.

Of course there were standout films that played with neither music or madness, too. From the charming Iceland-set travels of the buddy film Land Ho to the pretty amazing, twelve years of filming that went into the creation of an actual Boyhood through the lens of Richard Linklater, and the awe-inspiring science and faith love story that was iOrigins, provocative and enormously entertaining films were everywhere you looked. I saw a lot of great films this festival, and will be singing the praises of many of these films with in-depth reviews still to come.

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Movie Awards Eco Lounge 2014

Producer and sustainable product placement expert Debbie Durkin put together another eco-fabulous festival, celebrating both the 2014 MTV Movie Awards and Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, April 9 and 10 at the Beverly Hilton.

Held at Bar 210, whose cozy and cushy lounge atmosphere spilled out onto an open-air patio for the event, the Movie Awards Eco Lounge was sexy, fun, and rock n’ roller hip. Over the course of the two days this socially conscious event featured DJ’s spinning solid tunes and an awesome buffet of gourmet cheeses, fruit, veggies, and yes, for the carnivores present, meats courtesy of locally sourced farm to table Circa 55′s chefs. Personal favorite: delicate hummus, Kalmata olives, and oh, that fresh pecorino, my favorite cheese.

Past the bar serving up martinis, fine scotch, vodka with fruit mixers, the gifting and personal upgrading began.

Baylee Nasco offered the cushiest pet beds in town and luxe pet blankets in jungle patterns and solid – the kind of pet care products that make every cat and dog into a celebrity. O.P.I Gwen Stefani Collection offered gorgeous new nail colors that included the one I got to try – a slate grey that was rock n’ roll spectacular. A note: I’ve tried the sparkle gold, a lavender, and a bold bronze in the past – they’re great colors. Loree Rodkin’s delightful fragrances, leather bracelets and cool tee shirts from Nash Motorcycles, and Transcend Organics heavenly pink grapefruit body scrub – quite a grab bag of wonderful gifting.  Transcend’s mix of wild botanicals and organic, fair trade, essential oils is something quite, um, scent-ual. LA + Jo’s boutique fashion and Jockey’s trendy, stretchy boy-shorts were a great clothing match. And then there were C4 belts. Offering a thousand combinations of belts and buckles, the idea is to pick your colors and then choose a cause to support by wearing it. Wearers can choose one of four charities online to determine how the company gives back 10% of the purchase.

And speaking of giving back, the event supported two worthy causes: SAY YES! To Hope in support of BeatLiverTumors.com cancer survivors, and Fresh Step litters efforts to to raise money for the ASPCA. These efforts included the ability to cuddle with an adorable Catdance kitten, view beautiful adoptable kitties, and generally just get hypnotized by cat love. Tweeting and photo taking = effortless fund raising for a worthy cause.

Meanwhile, out on the patio, you could get a luxe body spray tan or even a tattoo. The organic tans and some pretty awesome eyebrow shaping were courtesy of Glendale’s The Eyebrow Boutique - where eye brow shaping is more of an art than at those mall chain threading emporiums you may be used to. The tattoos – from Perri Ink tattoo artist Adam Daniel. That perk I turned down – perhaps a few more cocktails from the Southmore Group at the bar and I would’ve gone for it.

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Eco Parties and Eco Swag – A Love Made for the Movies

From the indie film world of the Sundance Film Festival to the prestige of the Academy Awards, green is the color…no, not the funds involved in making movies. Green is the color of the eco-friendly gifting at the 2014 Eco Hideaway Park City and the 2014 Eco Oscars Beverly Hills. Both hosted by producer Debbie Durkin, these premier events offer great food, drink, music and celebrity gifting – along with a decidedly eco-friendly bent.
No snow fell on Park City, Utah at the 30th Anniversary of the Sundance Film Festival’s stellar independent movie mecca. The Eco Hideaway was a part of the celebration. Held right on downtown’s Main Street, there were three days of gifting, featuring thirty plus live musical acts, a Whole Foods sponsored elegant snack table buffet, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka – drinks from a classic Bloody Mary to OJ + Vodka were sipped by attendees who browsed and gifted some great items at this third floor loft space.

Favorite vendors included the ultra soft, beautiful fabrics of Minky Couture. Designer blankets, pet blankets, and lush scarves were the order of the day. Ultimate coveted design: a black sequined throat scarf that was warm, plush, soft, and sexy. Complimenting these fine fabrics were the stunning naturally sourced handcrafted jewelry by trend setting Dallas based designer Deborah Gaspar. Citrine, sterling silver, snakeskin, mixed metals, pearls – these thick bracelets, eye galvanizing necklaces, and stunning earrings were made for the Sundance scene. Totally original jewelry designs that go outside the box – a good match with outside the box film makers.

The Marisa Kenson Collection continued to stun the celebrity scene with innovative designs and unusual fabrics, with resort wear and evening wear that’s already a favorite of stars like Katy Perry. The one of a kind clothing line is supplemented by a new fashion mate, the Youngevity MK make up collection. Sensuous colors created from organic minerals give a fashion forward flair to eco-friendly make up. Other ecologically sound sources on hand included The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge, renowned for it’s spa treatments and service, as well as custom product lines, and Under Canvas glamping destinations – luxurious vacation camping where you won’t have to raise a well-groomed pinky finger to set up a tent. Celeb sightings were in abundance from Jason Schwartzman (whose acerbic dark comedy Listen Up, Phillip was drawing laughing crowds) to Patricia Arquette, whose stand-out performance in twelve-years-in-the-making feature Boyhood deserved a little sweet, green swag.

While the streets remained swept of snow at Sundance this year, in Los Angeles, rain fell up to the final Oscar countdown, and the Eco Oscars were not immune to deluge. But with a complimentary valet right outside the door to the event’s location at the Bar 210 in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, guests were kept dry from the downpour. Once inside the venue, a world of rich plum pillows and couches, glowing golden lamps, and a beautiful buffet and bar transported guests from a rainy day in LA to some exotic Casbah, one packed with beautiful green friendly products and green friendly causes.

Pet lovers took note of the Canine and Feline Caviar foods and treats on hand. This burgeoning, organic pet care company offers wet, dry, and treat items all with a careful food pH balance developed to improve pet life quality, creating more oxygen in a dog or cat’s blood stream. Canine Caviar is the only alkaline-based pet food designed to reduce the risk of getting cancer, and the company supports the Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation, which provides research in pet cancer and cancer education. With new glamorous evening wear on tap, and a beautiful makeup collection, Youngevity, the Marisa Kenson – MK Collaborative Makeup and designer clothing was a delight to sample. Eye shadows in sparkling Champagne and Smoky Grey, beautiful blushes, and a full palette of lip-wear were stand-outs in a line of organic, toxin free mineral makeups good for the skin and the environment.

This socially conscious luxury lounge celebrated other fine sustainable products too including BULA LIFE spf coverage ski and sun wear, Will Leather Goods classic carry alls, and stunning hand painted silk scarves from LA based boutique LA + Jo. L’Arganium 100% organic Argan Oil, an all natural beauty product that strengthens and sustains skin with oils, lotions, and more was another must-have. Good for the hair, scalp, and skin, this is a rich oil that can help maintain youthful appearance and increase skin health and tone.
And what about the mysterious globes and light fixtures creating a magical atmosphere in the bar space? Those would be the creation of lighting designer David Trubridge, whose energy conscious and beautiful patterned fixtures helped transform the 210 Bar into an Award-worthy venue. While a DJ spun smart tunes, Ofrenda Maya Tequila offered tastings aged up to a smooth 42 months, and tasty buffet items included lavender dusted cauliflower and Kalamata olives in a rich spread of veggies, hummus, cheeses, and tuna tartare. Academy Award nominees browsed, grazed, and were gifted, posing for photo ops throughout the afternoon.

The event also benefitted charity partner Say Yes! To Hope, Beat Liver Tumors. 20 cancer survivors were hosted on site along with co-founder Suzanne Lindley, currently courageously battling liver cancer.

Rain or snow or sun, the eco-gift suites in Park City and Beverly Hills offered a world of sustainable, beautiful products in sleek environments drawing celebrities from the world of indie film to the blockbusters of Hollywood.

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Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar

Pet owners seeking holistic nutrition for their pets have a new solution. Canine Caviar is proud to introduce a new lifestyle of healthy alkaline based dog and cat food for your pet friend.

Canine Caviar’s food is truly holistic, dealing with every health issue a pet faces. It’s markedly different from any other pet food available, consisting of  low carb, raw dehydrated meat in a dry kibble, both with grain and grain free. The company also offers treats, bones, chews, and supplements, and canned,  grain-free food. Human grade, grass fed proteins including lamb, venison, duck, chicken, and wild-caught fish make up this eco-friendly and sustainable pet food product. Every dry food formula is flash cooked for only 6 seconds, and all formulas include sustaining, low-allergenic ingredients such as pearl millet, alfalfa, kelp, fenugreek, papaya, peppermint and parsley. While Canine and Feline Caviar pet foods are grain free, it doesn’t mean they’re carb free. The recipe: pet health supported on all levels through high quality ingredients and precise nutritional formulation.

And, these pet foods are designed to settle digestive upsets, reduce coat problems, and assist with the management and prevention of diabetes, cancer, kidney, liver, and heart disease in dogs and cats. The company’s careful food pH balance was developed to improve pet life quality by creating more oxygen in your dog or cats blood stream.

Along with offering many health benefits for pets, Canine Caviar’s food line is delicious, and sustainably eco-friendly, too. Chicken and Peal Millet, Lamb and Pearl Millet kibble, Free Range Buffalo and Wild Ocean grain free dinners, dinners for puppies, large breeds and more keep dogs of all kind healthy and happy. And for cats, there’s delectable chicken with salmon, New Zealand Venison grain free, and wild ocean kibble. Canned food for both dogs and cats offer single protein diets with no grains, fillers or added salt, sugar, or preservatives. With no wheat, corn, or soy, tasty treats for cats such as tuna with vegetables, or chicken and cheese with vegetables will win every purr-fect friend’s heart and stomach. And then there’s the treats – from rawhide alternative sweet potato chews to buffalo bones, there’s a pleasure to be found for every pet palate.

Canine Caviar is the only alkaline-based pet food designed to reduce the risk of getting cancer. In fact, the company supports the Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation, providing advanced research in pet cancer, and working to educate and support pet owners on health and treatment. Serving as a support network for pet owners to obtain information, advice, and health counsel, this research organization is supported by the purchase of healthy, delicious, holistic pet food products.

For more information on Canine Caviar and the CCCRF, contact the company at info@caninecaviar.com, and visit their website at www.caninecaviar.com

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Ram Trucks = Power and Performance

If you’re looking for a powerful truck, think Dodge Ram. And if you’re looking for a ride near Troy, Wisconsin, check out www.lynchchryslerdodgejeepram.com/index.htm online, or drop on in for a test drive.

Dodge Ram Trucks have really come a long way on power and fuel efficiency in 2014. The trucks we enjoyed test driving at Lynch Ram Trucks in WI included the new EcoDiesel, with powerful performance and my favorite word, “Eco” in its marketing.

That eco title is not just lip service to the environment. The Ram 1500 is the first light-duty truck to receive a sleek diesel engine, a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 built under the auspices of VM Motori in Italy. With an eight speed automatic, and 240 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, the Ram can tow, and it can go – there’s a lot of power in this truck.

Now you’re probably not planning to tow any Wisconsin dairy cows or the entire Green Bay Packers, but in case you are, you could tow both at one time – the Ram 1500 has a towing capacity of 9200 pounds. That’s a lot of pull, power, and innovation.

And what kind of eco-friendliness does this powerful behemoth offer? Well, low CO2 emissions for one thing. The Ram 1500 is equipped with a cool diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter, and selective catalyst reduction. In simple words?  The EcoDiesel V6 engine is emissions-compliant from Wisconsin to California – in all fifty states.

From the green friendly standpoint, I’m most excited about the fact that this vehicle is
B20 BIODIESEL CAPABLE. In case you don’t know what that means, or why I put it in caps, biofuel actually creates less air pollutants and less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fueling. So not only is the EcoDiesel engine powerful, tough, smooth, and more, it’s also the cleanest light duty engine around.

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Dodge Designs for Fun and Eco-Efficiency in Wisconsin

Are you a Cheese Head? If you’re driving to a Packers Game with a bevy of Wisconsin in laws, then you might just be by default. Wherever you’re headed, to a lighthouse along a lake or along bucolic pasture lands, or into the city for a football game, make a stop at Sheboygan Dodge of WI to test drive a fine ride.

No matter where you’re heading, these days both your wallet and the environment will thank you for choosing a car that gets great gas mileage. The Dodge vehicles you’ll find in Sheboygan will more than fit the bill for eco-friendly, fuel efficient, and some powerful and fun driving, too. It’s tough to beat the sleek new 2014 Dodge Dart. The superior gas mileage in this car and its solid emission controls equal a good for the earth/good for your budget combo.

So what’s the bottom line? A lot of zip in a car that averages forty mile average per gallon. Even if it was half as attractive as it is, with those stats, the Dart would be a great choice. But this is a car that does good, is good, and looks good. Comfortable leg room and contoured seating make drivers happy even if they are looking in the rear view mirror at relatives wearing headgear that resembles triangles of cheese. The Dart has a powerful 150 HP engine, fast acceleration, and a smooth handling capacity, even uphill.

Need to bring a group of friends to the next sporting event on your list? Try the Dodge Journey. This SUV has made Road & Travel Magazine’s top ten list in the crossover/SUV category. And it’s place is justified. There’s roomy storage in this comfortable and fuel efficient SUV’s design, including two floor bins in the rear. We loved them. Plenty of room to stash the tailgate picnic. And for families with little ones, the Journey offers built-in booster seats. So what’s the mileage? A spunky 26 mpg on the highway with a four speed automatic Journey, and 25 mpg for AWD with six speeds.

I was impressed with just how eco-friendly Dodge vehicles are this new year – they’re both economic and ecologically attune to our times. Chrysler has made and kept a real commitment to fuel efficiency in all automobile models. Isn’t it time you took a test drive?  To find out more, check out  www.sheboyganchryslercenter.com

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Eco-Friendly and Stylish Chrysler Rides

At Earnhardt Chrysler Center in Arizona, we found the Phoenix area’s best collection of 2014  Chrysler vehicles. Whether you’re looking to ride to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, or the South, or just take a drive past the buttes and beauty of Highway 89, you’re going to enjoy the ride all the more in one of the luxurious and amazingly fuel efficient Chryslers that make up this year’s line of powerful cars and trucks.

So before you chill out in a Sedona vortex, drop in for a test drive, or check out everything Earnhardt has to offer online at http://www.earnhardtsgilbertdodge.com.

We were delighted with the stylish look and smooth handling of Chrysler’s Town & Country. The 30th Anniversary Edition has a stellar and comfortable riding 3.6 V-6 engine. It accelerates well even as you’re heading into the Arizona hills. But naturally we were concerned with fuel consumption – concern that was quickly alleviated when we found this ride has an EPA miles per gallon rating of 25 mpg on the highway. This roomy, beautiful vehicle is eco-friendly.

Perhaps my favorite Chrysler is the 200 Touring Sedan. First of all, I love the highway mpg of 35, and it’s compact feel and size. Here’s the thing – it gave me all the control of a small car with all the room of a much larger vehicle inside. Design – delightful. Fuel efficiency – just fine. This is a car that offers a luxury feel at a price well below other luxury offerings. And the sedan’s roominess isn’t just for riders. The trunk was big enough to pack a picnic, rock climbing gear, and several suitcases with room to spare. I liked the sleek and easy to use dashboard controls, and the fact that this car is very low noise. This is a very strong and lovely mid-sized sedan, built on an Alfa Romeo chassis. And another cool touch: the car’s  all-wheel-drive system automatically disconnects the rear axle for improved fuel economy. With some sixty safety and security features and really attractive interior LED lights – you have to love this car. We did.

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Don’t Miss Out on a Jeep in Missouri

Start the New Year right at Marty Cancila’s Jeep dealership in Florissant, MO.  If you’re heading under St. Louis’ welcoming arches as we were, you’ll want to make a stop here to check out the 2014 offerings from Jeep – whether you’re after a Wrangler or a Grand Cherokee, take a look at the new models online at –

http://www.martycanciladodgechryslerjeep.com — or better yet, try a test drive.

You’re looking at vehicles with powerful engines and transmissions that are also eco-friendly. The new Grand Cherokee shares design with the Mercedes Benz M class, while purring along with a fuel efficient 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine. Fuel economy and handling ease are combined in this ride. We loved the comfortable interior and smooth feel on the road,  and we loved the Eco button that alters throttle sensitivities with one click, and handles gearbox shift, too. On V-8 models, the Eco button adjusts cylinder deactivation as well. For both comfort and eco-friendly ease, we also liked the optional air suspension in this machine. What’s that about? Well, when you use it, the Aero setting lowers the vehicle’s ride allowing more efficient higher speed travel.

And of course, the Cherokee is still one tough Jeep SUV- it has towing capabilities for that weekend boating trip to the lake and then some. With a powerful assist from the gearbox, the Cherokee is strong, and kind on the environment – fuel economy is improving with fuel efficiency raised by more than 2 mpg on the highway, to a sweet 25 mpg, with city fuel consumption at 17 mpg.

Looking to head into St. Joe State Park for a little off roading and back-to-nature acceleration? Then check out the 2014 Wrangler, a fine vehicle for the kind of trip where back roads, dirt roads, and no roads at all are no obstacle. Sand flats, hills, and beautiful lake views all seen from the driver’s seat of a Wrangler – it doesn’t get much better than this.

New design features have made the Wrangler more comfortable, too so you’ll relax while this powerhouse takes on the tough terrain. With Chrysler’s superior Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engine now standard on every Wrangler, I’m happy to report that while this Jeep can take on any driving challenge, it’s also gaining in fuel economy. In fact, the 2014 Jeep has an Environmental Protection Agency certified miles per gallon of 17 in the city and 21 on the highway in both the six speed manual and five speed auto transmission models.

With nice EPA numbers like these and the freedom to take on virtually every trail, you’ll want to get out and explore in these comfortable new Jeep lines. We did!

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Heading for Hurst

If you’re heading for the Lone Star State, you should make a stop at FIAT USA of Hurst TX to find the right ride for those long Texas roads. This dealership has a lot of great cars to offer the discerning Dallas Fort Worth area driver. You can check out some of the options on line at http://www.fiatusaofhurst.com

Take a test drive in a cool and exceptionally fuel efficient FIAT such as a 500 Pop, 500 Sport, or 500 Lounge.  These eco-friendly cars gave us great mileage of around 40 miles per gallon. Commuters and cross-Texas ramblers alike will enjoy the fuel efficiency and comfortable ride – we did.

I was impressed with FIAT’s fine rep for low vehicle emissions, reducing air pollution while these fast, seriously cool cars saved me money at the pump.  In a state as big as Texas, small gives you a large lease on road life, and reduces your carbon footprint at the same time. Good deal. Try the ABARTH for 160 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque – a lot of wow for a little car. And, FIAT’s also got a strong contender in the electric vehicle category too, the 500e. This new entry offers a top speed of 85 mph, and a charging battery with an eight year warranty. The EPA estimates an annual fuel consumption rate of  29 kilowatt hours (kWh) for every 100 miles or more driven.

My driving experience showed me that today’s FIAT’s handle smoothly, maneuver quickly, and have a streamlined, attractive design. Test driving one of these 500 series vehicles will give you a lot of power on the road, and a lot lower fuel cost, as well as being tremendously green-friendly.


Whether you’re heading for the plains of Amarillo, the high rises of Dallas, or the sea wall in Galveston, FIAT will get you there in style, saving you on gas, and gaining you great mileage. I’m a convert.

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Winter in Utah with a Dodge Flair

If you’re planning a drive past the red rocks of Utah, with a little seasonal snow dusting those beautiful shapes, try a winter exploration behind the wheel of fuel efficient Jeep, Dodge, or Chrysler from Ken Garff Jeep in West Valley. At Ken Garff,  you’ll find a fine selection of Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge cars to take out for a test drive. Or if you want to look around right this minute, check out this dealership’s inventory at http://www.dodgehq.com

We found no need to avoid off road driving in winter conditions behind the wheel of a sturdy and tough Jeep Wrangler. This is a ride that will take you just about everywhere, while new features make the Wrangler more comfortable than ever before. This brilliantly capable car has high  ground clearance and and a hardy build capable of taking on off roading, mountain exploration, and simple highway speed. Featuring Chrysler’s Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engine the Wrangler gets an EPA mpg of 21 on the highway with both manual and automatic transmissions along with the driving freedom to go almost anyplace your imagination takes you. From the great Salt Lake to the Rio Grande, we felt we could go anywhere. With 25 mpg, to its eco-friendly credit, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers comfort and fuel efficient design that makes this roomy vehicle another sound choice.

The Ken Garff dealership also offers the extremely efficient Dodge Dart, with an average 40 mpg and a smart, aerodynamic design that allows easy handling and quick reflexes with its 150 HP engine. Whether you’re heading out for a little cross country skiing or checking out some roadside petroglyphs, the Dart will get you there, fast and fuel efficiently.

The Dodge Journey SUV gets 26 mpg on the highway that eases the driving burden at the pump and lowers its carbon footprint on the road.

Check out more of these green-aware rides at Ken Garff, today.



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